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"Had an amazing experience at Troxell therapy The staff is very friendly & helpful & I highly recommend them Special thanks to Natalie for her help in getting me back to normal "
Apr 03, 2024
"Definitely recommend. Staff is very friendly & helpful. "
Mar 28, 2024
"Had two sessions with them for my shoulder. They did a wonderful job getting me back to normal. Staff was always friendly and courteous. I highly recommend them."
Jan 12, 2024
"I came to Troxell at the end of July 2023 with a frozen shoulder since March. I was there twice a week until December 23rd. Sherri and Shawn were my PT's. They were awesome! All the staff from the front desk, the office (Amanda is so great!) to the back are friendly and very professional. They really care how you are feeling. They ask you how your day has been going and it is not just chit chat, they really want to know. I would tease Shawn and tell him he was abusing me, but really I knew the hurt was making my shoulder better. Sherri extended my therapy twice, which I was thankful for because I knew I wasn't ready. I miss going in and seeing everyone but SO glad my shoulder is better. If you need Physical Therapy I would recommend that you go ONLY to Troxell. "
Jan 09, 2024
"The clinical staff was professional and knowledgeable about everything. I would highly recommend this place to everyone."
Dec 21, 2023
"The staff at Troxell physical therapy are very friendly and very helpful. They all go out of their way to make sure that I am improving with each visit. They are very knowledgeable as to the best treatment I need for my specific injury. It’s been great for me to be able to attend my therapy sessions at Troxell here in Madera."
Dec 02, 2023
"I absolutely love Troxell PT! The staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. Sheri, Christian, Natalie, and the other staff are amazing. It’s always an adventure as all the staff are talking and ribbing each other. Lively conversations and PTs who care about you and want to help you improve your movement. I’ve already told my friends to check them out when they need PT. "
Nov 27, 2023
"Excelente servicio. "
Nov 26, 2023
"Would highly recommend very professional staff. Very knowledgeable and caring. Thank you to all especially Nat Ed and Sheri. Thanks for making me feel like family. And the front staff girls as-well thanks for everything. I feel so much better now."
Nov 06, 2023
"The staff was amazing and provided the support one would appreciate. They constantly checked in and also made sure the facility's equipment was clean. The therapist as well as the other staff were also very well educated on the anatomy of the body related to their physical therapy exercises. I was able to see an improvement with them within a couple of weeks!"
Oct 26, 2023
"Excellent service from exceptional people."
Oct 13, 2023
"From beginning to the end everyone was very friendly and very helpful. Highly recommend "
Oct 10, 2023
"Furst time ever going to a physical therapy office and I must say the staff is very nice and welcoming. The therapist are very knowledgeable and work with you very well I would recommend anyone who is looking for physical therapy to Troxell. "
Oct 05, 2023
"After two years at another facility, I have exceptional progress in a short amount of time at Troxell Physical Therapy. I would have no problem with recommending them to anyone that may need physical therapy. Alex my physical therapist is outstanding!!!"
Sep 15, 2023
"Troxell Physical Therapy has amazing staff! I highly recommend this facility! The physical therapists were very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and provided great service. The front office staff always greet you and make you feel welcome. This is my third time being seen at Troxell, and each time they have helped me recover from my injuries. "
Aug 26, 2023
Jul 05, 2023
"I am very happy to be doing my physical therapy at Troxell Physical Therapy they have a wonderful staff that is always very attentive, friendly and welcoming. Shari my physical therapist she’s a great person the program she created for me it’s working very well and my progress it’s very noticeable. I look forward to continue with my physical therapy at this location. And I totally recommend Troxell Physical Therapy. "
Jun 26, 2023
"Was enjoyable being at a place where everyone smiles and is courteous. Has helped my frozen shoulder so much"
Jun 20, 2023
"I really like going to Troxell Physical Therapy they really help with my low back nd being able to walk better I will recommend this place to anyone "
Jun 16, 2023
"Highly recommend this facility! The physical therapists were very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and provided great service. All around great staff!"
Jun 09, 2023
"I was welcome the staff there are very knowledgeable. They worked with me to help my back. I even got exercises handouts to help in the long run! Troxell, knowledgeable staff helped me live my life ache & pain so that I can enjoy it without the pain & plus exercises to help afterwards, thank you much Troxell. "
May 31, 2023
"A great place! Everyone is so friendly. Highly recommend!"
May 28, 2023
"Of all the many places that I have been to for physical therapy this place is the best Period! From the very first day to my last day, nothing but kindness and patience, from the front desk to each one of physical attendance. I highly recommend Troxell Therapy to everyone."
May 24, 2023
"I have always received good service with Troxell Physical Therapy. From the moment I enter the receptionist staff is very attentive. I am always greeted with a smile from the moment I enter and exit as well. The physical Therapist that I got most recently would offer me water and worked with all my needs. He gave me 5 Star service every single time. He is very humble and hard working I could not have asked for a better therapist. The assistants of the Therapist do good work as well, with preparing the neck machine. Overall, the Owners have done an Excellent job with training their staff."
May 21, 2023
"Everyone was so helpful to me. They help find ways to reduce the pain. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends "
May 17, 2023
"I had a knee replacement in 1998 due to a heavy equipment accident. I was told it would last 10-15yrs. It did not. I work in construction, so knees don't last long! I reinjured the same knee just after Christmas this year, tearing ACL,PCL,Meniscus damage & severe arthritis. My insurance wouldn't fix it but they did give me physical therapy. I was lucky enough to be sent to Troxell for my therapy. Every one there is very professional & works to accommodate your individual needs. They get 5 stars out of 5 from me! You will not be disappointed!!! Thanks to the staff!"
May 16, 2023
"Great atmosphere! Friendly & caring workers. Alex helped me through my struggles & Wayne, well he has miracle hands & very knowledgeable !"
May 09, 2023
"You’re very kind and considerate, and help me with any and all questions and concerns."
Apr 27, 2023
"Everyone’s very kind and helpful and I really appreciate everything they’ve been doing for me."
Apr 27, 2023
"Grate staff and all the therapist treats you very good. I will recommend this place every one is so nice here and they know what they're doing "
Apr 26, 2023
"Este lugar me gusta para la terapia"
Apr 26, 2023
"I admit I have good days and bad ones. But the Staff here understands the pain we need to ho through to get better. They know all the right routines for a speed and safe recovery. AMANDA is wonderful get me registered. Wayne keeps everyone in smiles even if I am in pain. Thank you all for being patient."
Apr 11, 2023
"They do what ever it takes to help you have speedy recovery. Great staff."
Apr 11, 2023
"My grandmother likes the way the staff treat her and walk her through treatments. Thank you Troxell PT."
Apr 06, 2023
"I appreciate the friendliness from all of the staff. everyone was really concerned with my well-being."
Apr 06, 2023
"Kyle makes the therapy really worthwhile the staff is personal and professional. I always feel better when I see them."
Apr 04, 2023
"Everyone at Troxell is doing a great job working with me. Therapy is very enjoyable,"
Apr 04, 2023
"Really love the physical therapy at Troxell. All the therapist and personnel are so knowledgeable, caring and friendly. In fact, I look forward to my appointments with them. Thank you Troxell for helping me get well."
Apr 04, 2023
"The staff is very professional and caring. One gets a exercise program for one's specific area that needs to have therapy."
Apr 04, 2023
"I highly recommend Troxell Physical Therapy to anyone looking for a great place to have their physical therapy needs. The facility goes above and beyond to help get better during your rehabilitation. Wayne and Sherri plus their staff are very knowledgeable and professional, and truly care about their patients. Amanda the office manager is a great asset to the company. I have a long haul to get better with the healing process and with the help of Troxell Physical Therapy I know I'll be better and stronger soon. Thanks again for all your help. Very satisfied patient!"
Apr 03, 2023
"I’ve been very satisfied with everyone at Troxell throughout all of my different surgeries the atmosphere and the people are super special as always make me feeling better"
Mar 29, 2023
"I just started my physical therapy here2weeks ago after knee surgery. I love the whole setup,from the time that you walk in to check in , until you check out, the staff are very helpful and friendly. I have been to many therapy center's, this one is the Best for Me PeriodT! "
Mar 28, 2023
"Everyone is really nice and helpful ? "
Mar 28, 2023
"My daughter just had her first appointment and I have to say Troxell Physical Therapy is awesome. The therapist evaluated my daughter and explained in great detail every process along the way. Great staff and a nice and clean environment. My daughter is looking forward to her treatments!"
Mar 28, 2023
"Very professional and very knowledgeable. I recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with physical therapy."
Mar 23, 2023
"Troxell is a great place for physical therapy. The entire staff is wonderful and patient a and the entire goal is to help you heal."
Mar 23, 2023
"Very friendly staff. Everyone is always so nice "
Mar 21, 2023
"I just wanted to say that I appreciate everyone that works in the Madera physical therapy. I have been to a lot of physical therapist, but this is the first one that listen to me. They didn’t just work on my knee, Kyle my therapist worked on my stands. Kyle works on me as a person and what my needs are that moment. I appreciate it, the staff is very friendly, supportive, understanding. They are a diamond in a small town. Bonnie "
Mar 16, 2023
"I had a very positive experience at Troxell Physical Therapy, I highly recommend them for any physical therapy needs anyone may have. The staff are very helpful, nice and most importantly knowledgeable. Thank you Troxell Physical Therapy and staff for the positive outcome in my treatment and the amazing experience at your facility."
Mar 16, 2023
"This place is awesome. The staff are very professional and genuinely care about the patients rehabilitation. I have been going here since July and the staff have been absolutely wonderful and very passionate regarding my recovery. Wayne and Sherry the owners are directly involved in your physical therapy and very easy to talk with. They have hired some great staff. I have the opportunity to work with the following physical therapist Morah, Alex, Nat and Kyle. Each one of these physical therapist have genuinely showed they care about the progression of my therapy. The support staff has also been wonderful. Thank you Troxell Physical Therapy for continuing to be positive on this long rehabilitation journey with me."
Mar 16, 2023
"Treatment is good here. "
Mar 15, 2023
"I never thought I'd say I love working through my knee pain, but they make the journey so worth the pain to be well again. Alex and the other clinicians that work with you are so friendly & energetic: always striving to make your work out better for you! Mr. Mrs. know your stuff! Your staff is fantastic! I look forward to a continued relationship with Troxell!!"
Mar 15, 2023
"Repeat customer of this fine group of local PTs. Have felt supported and cared for as I worked through exercises to relieve pain. After 3 months I am so much improved. I have a home care plan, orthotics, and braces to continue care at home. Thank you Sherie, Natalie, Ivan, Felipe, and all other staff!! Hope to not have to see you again but if I have a need, I know where to come!!"
Mar 15, 2023
"Best therapy I’ve been to. Alex motivated to keep pushing an worked with my knee "
Mar 15, 2023
"Really nice & respectful staff. Always caring and asking about how you are."
Mar 14, 2023
"Excellent facility & friendly staff "
Mar 14, 2023
"Staff from the PT, PT assist, front office and billing very friendly and efficient. I am a senior and my injury is so much improved I am very pleasantly surprised! Highly recommend this PT."
Mar 08, 2023
"5 stars had a great experience "
Feb 08, 2023
"The staff is very friendly and cares about your pain comfort and condition"
Jan 26, 2023
"Just wanted to say thank You to everyone there at Troxell Physical Therapy. You truly helped me in my journey to recovery. At first I didn't think it was going to work but I actually feel better and have a better range of movement in my ankle. They were awesome and they were always willing to work with me even if I had another appointment. They we're friendly and courteous. I want to send a special thanks to Natalie and Ivan. Keep up the good work and I truly appreciate you "
Jan 13, 2023
"Troxell Physical Therapy is amazing. The staff are very kind and always make you feel comfortable, It has a friendly and positive caring environment, and helped me get back to my normal self in no time. I highly recommend Troxell Physical Therapy above any other."
Dec 28, 2022
"Sherri is the best physical therapist in town. She is so knowledgeable and has been so patient with me through this ordeal. I can't thank her enough. "
Nov 25, 2022
"From the moment I entered TROXELL PT I was treated will extreme professionalism, respect and compassion. They staff listened to me and addressed my concerns. This was my first experience with physical therapy and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you to the entire staff!!! "
Nov 08, 2022
"From my initial appointment to my last, I felt relaxed and welcomed. The staff made sure I was doing the exact exercises to safely improve my condition after surgery. Highly recommend everyone in need of physical therapy head to Troxell. "
Nov 05, 2022
"Very amazing staff. Everyone is very nice and accommodating. I was able to be scheduled at good times for me. "
Sep 28, 2022
"Wonderful experience! Sherry tookone look at me and noticed my walking patterns, cane usage was incorrect. We together got to work on my knee and hip. I felt my needs were being met and my physical therapy was tailored for me. Thank you Sherry and your experienced team for listening and focusing my treatment. "
Sep 27, 2022
"They were great. Sherri quickly diagnosed my problem and she developed exercises to help me. Natalie worked with me and developed new exercises too. They were both so kind, informative, easy to talk to and made physical therapy fun. I was trading riddles back and forth with the staff and they had some good ones too! Wayne and I exchanged friendly banter back and forth about a variety of topics. They made my experience fun and enjoyable. One of the PT assistants said you’re already in pain so we want to make it fun and you get better. That sums it up! I know I am going back next time I have an injury. Sherri even helped me on another minor problem I was not seeing them for. I can’t think of another way to start my day than by seeing everyone at Troxell PT! I will miss you all!"
Aug 18, 2022
"The whole experience was great. I was worked hard, as I should have been. At the same time, I was not pushed so hard that I hurt (uncomfortable at times but not hurt!). The staff, especially Moria, always showed great concern, compassion, and respect. Sherie and Wayne, the owners, are of equal character. It is probably odd to say this but I looked forward to every appointment. I strongly recommend Troxell Physical Therapy to all who have a need for their services."
Aug 04, 2022
"They were polite and good with patients"
Jul 21, 2022
"The staff was amazing and provided the support one would appreciate. They constantly checked in and also made sure the facility's equipment was clean. The therapist as well as the other staff were also very well educated on the anatomy of the body related to their physical therapy exercises. I was able to see an improvement with them within a couple of weeks!"
Jul 19, 2022
"For nearly 70 years, from high school and college sports, briefly coaching high school swimming and working out fairly regularly for all that time, I thought I knew a lot about getting and staying in shape. But I learned a whole lot more from Wayne, Sheri, "Mo," and the rest of the Troxel team. Yes, Troxel's entire team is amazingly educated in how the body works. And if one pays attention, one can learn from Troxel ever more about staying healthy and active and fixing new and old physical damage. "
Jul 12, 2022
"I really enjoyed the physical therapy they’re very professional caring and attentive to your needs and how you feeling. Highly recommend"
Jun 27, 2022
"I have gone to them for a couple of years now for various reasons. Each time they have helped me. The staff is very kind, courteous and knowledgeable. I’ve gone in in great pain and come out with the pain reduced or almost gone. Since my pain is chronic, it feels like a miracle. I highly recommend them."
Jun 26, 2022
"They helped me a lot I get around a bit more. The worker's have alot of patience very friendly That makes a difference to me."
Jun 19, 2022
"The best experience on my physical recovery thank you ."
May 13, 2022
"All staff is great and attentive."
Apr 11, 2022
"I have been going to Troxell for several years. The treatment is always good. The staff I well trained and professional. "
Mar 31, 2022
"Troxell Physical Therapy really helped me feel better. They taught me exercises that helped me get stronger. They greet me when I arrive and make me feel welcome. Their exercise machines are great. They are a working professional team. "
Mar 29, 2022
"Great service provider!"
Mar 22, 2022
"Love doing physical therapy here Best people so work here. They are nice and caring."
Mar 21, 2022
"I love Troxell physical therapy. They are very helpful ! "
Mar 21, 2022
"My back has been feeling a lot better after I started therapy at Troxell. They have great customer service and friendly staff."
Mar 18, 2022
"Troxell physical therapy has and are now more than ever, a very very special blessing in and to my life, from the way that they received me , to this very day, the way that they are great to me and even more the way that they treat me. THANK YOU ALL! "
Mar 10, 2022
"Excellent service and would recommend Troxell to anyone who needs therapy! "
Mar 10, 2022
"Love the place, if I somehow have another reason to come, I'd come again!"
Mar 07, 2022
"Came to troxell with persistent neck pain and they were so nice and welcoming. Great attention to patients, always take the extra time to make sure you understand the exercise."
Mar 02, 2022
"Very professional staff.highly recommended."
Mar 02, 2022
"I highly recommend troxell facility the staff is kind and helpful and very accommodating "
Mar 01, 2022
"Great people super clean facilities and great fun"
Feb 28, 2022
"Its great and easy kind friendly fun"
Feb 28, 2022
"Outstanding service and staff and owners are the best."
Feb 28, 2022
"Great people, great place. The place is very clean and the people are very informative and helpful."
Feb 16, 2022
"The staff here are awesome. They have been kind, caring and Patient with me. I would recommend them to anyone. There is also a peacefulness in the building. Very pleased."
Feb 16, 2022
"Everyone here is great. I have learned so much about my body and how to manage my pain through working win for me!"
Feb 11, 2022
"Friendly staff! Great customer service, but most important they care about their clients. I was referred by a coworker who promised me they were the best in town, she was right I was not disappointed at all! I am a new client yet feel like Troxell family already! 🙂 Give them a chance and you will not be disappointed trust me. I never do reviews it is very rare hahaha that should tell you something. "
Feb 11, 2022
"Best physical therapy ever. I came here barely able to walk or sit and a few appointments later, I’m up and standing now. It’s absolutely mind blowing what a great physical therapy team can do for you! Troxell Therapy is the way to go! "
Feb 07, 2022
"I have been a client at two different times and both times my treatment was successful and the staff has been so personable "
Feb 02, 2022
"Natalie is impeccably knowledgeable. She not only cares about you but works with you to get back to the lifestyle you enjoy. Absolutely amazing experience "
Feb 01, 2022
"I like coming to therapy ! They have helped me so much after I got my surgery. Alex and Perla are the best ! "
Jan 31, 2022
"Nice to have a good therapy office in town. "
Jan 27, 2022
"The Troxell crew is the best! My knee was stuck after ACL and meniscus surgery. They fit me in right away and went to work. They were able to get my knee back on track. Every single employee is amazing. They make hard work enjoyable and like visiting with friends/family. If you want an amazing and friendly team, choose Troxell for your therapy. I will be forever grateful for their help."
Jan 25, 2022
"Great staff."
Jan 25, 2022
"I love this place! There service is great! "
Jan 21, 2022
"Awesome place. Knowledgeable staff, friendly, just fabulous period."
Jan 21, 2022
"All the staff is very caring and thorough. Everyone really tries to help you understand what to do when you are at home."
Jan 20, 2022
"Muy buenas personas, muy amables."
Jan 20, 2022
"Great people, everyone is like family. "
Jan 20, 2022
"Very professional work."
Jan 20, 2022
"Friendly knowledge people."
Jan 20, 2022
"They do a good job."
Jan 20, 2022
"It's a great place. Staff is very friendly and welcoming. "
Jan 20, 2022
"Excelente servicio."
Jan 20, 2022
"I've been coming here since I was in a car accident. Every time I come in they help me with my pain areas so I can deal with my everyday pains. I can't function without them."
Jan 20, 2022
"Great staff. 10/10. Would recommend. I’ve been seeing a lot of progress with my recovery. "
Jan 20, 2022
"Great caring facility team and staff. Highly recommend."
Jan 20, 2022
"Muy buen trabajó."
Jan 20, 2022
"The best place to go for any therapy. I highly recommend this place."
Jan 20, 2022
"Excelente lugar para tomar las terapias."
Jan 20, 2022
"Great Staff! & Natalie is a great PT who has definitely helped my son?"
Jan 20, 2022
"Troxell Physical Therapy has been awesome! They are very upbeat and friendly. Everyone is very nice and optimistic. My physical therapist Natalie is great, she prepares me for sports by giving me specialized circuits. I would definitely recommend. "
Jan 19, 2022
"Great service and amazing people. "
Jan 19, 2022
"Really good place!"
Jan 19, 2022
"Best in Madera! Natalie has helped my injury so much! Perla has helped me as well! Great people, good service! Loved doing physical therapy here! "
Jan 19, 2022
"Only physical therapy spot that has actually helped my injuries."
Jan 19, 2022
"I am in from post op and so far my time here as been enjoyable. Everyone is very friendly and has been welcoming from my first day to now!"
Jan 19, 2022
"Very clean facilities. All of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They have helped me so much!"
Jan 18, 2022
"They are the best."
Jan 18, 2022
"Really helping with my leg (I had surgery)."
Jan 18, 2022
"Very helpful definitely would recommend."
Jan 18, 2022
"Right when I walked in I felt very welcomed, employees are very friendly. "
Jan 18, 2022
"I’ve been coming here for years now amazing people amazing atmosphere very friendly and great staff definitely would recommend coming here."
Jan 18, 2022
"Great staff, very friendly and fast. I highly recommend this place. "
Jan 18, 2022
"Great staff! Excerises that actually help! I even look forward to my therapy sessions. "
Jan 18, 2022
"Clean environment, not crowded, and great hours. Good place to get stronger and learn techniques to improve your well-being. "
Jan 17, 2022
"They are absolutely the best this is my third time here and all their staff is so respectful and kind. I would recommend Troxell to my family and friends."
Jan 17, 2022
"Yes it’s true, the best in town! Very comfortable place with great people! "
Jan 17, 2022
"Have problems with my neck and right hip. The staff was great. Worked hard to help me. Feeling much better. "
Dec 10, 2021
"Troxell staff is professional and considerate physical therapy. The only physical therapy place you will ever go to. I highly recommend them. "
Nov 28, 2021
"The purpose of this review is to formally and publicly commend Troxell Physical Therapy for the continued excellent service that they provided to me during my therapy visits. In my opinion, the level of service that extended to me was far beyond my expectation. I have never before written a review like this on an entirely unsolicited basis. However, in this case, I was impressed by the support and service provided by them. I can call them anytime and get a straight answer which is so important to me. Sherri Troxell and the rest of the staff, including the front reception women work as a team in getting my needs met in a timely and quality manner.  I felt that it was only right to go on record with my praise.  These people truly deserve it. In an era where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared from our industry, the work that Troxell Physical Therapy did and does should be held up as an example for others to try and emulate. What particularly impressed me is the ease of contacting them on the phone or them taking the time to talk to me when I am asking questions. It appears that it was simply the team’s extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that motivates them to always go the extra mile. In closing, I believe that the entire team truly deserves to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond the expectations of any other company that I can think of. Thank you."
Nov 11, 2021
"I’m highly satisfied with Troxell Physical Therapy because they help me a lot with the problem I had. Right when you walk-in, very welcoming they make you feel comfortable. Everyone is very friendly and helpful."
Oct 29, 2021
"I highly recommend this place. They are very nice and helpful, and they feel like family. 100% recommend! "
Oct 19, 2021
"I love them there. They have helped me gain strength and helping me to relieve my pain. Super friendly and caring. "
Aug 19, 2021
"Wayne Troxell is a caring and considerate physical therapist. I became his patient shortly after his studies at CSU Fresno. So, we've known one another since 1994. I was either the first or second patient while he was interning. I've been referred to other PT's during my nearly 30 years as a teacher. Wayne's energy, commitment, and personality have been instrumental in my healing. Ever since I learned that I could request a specific therapist, Dr. Troxell has been my guy. The staff in Madera is warm and friendly. Dr. T's wife, Sherri is a physical therapist too. I've seen them at three different locations as the practice grew, and known them as friends with two children who are now young adults. There are many reasons to appreciate the Troxells. Wayne has taken care to fill his practice with clinicians like himself: compassionate, concerned, collaborative, and service minded. He and his staff are wonderful. And, yes; I fully recommend them."
Aug 18, 2021
"This is the only physical therapy place you will ever need. Sherri and her crew take such good care of their patients. The staff is super friendly and caring, they always go the extra mile to make sure all your needs are being met. I have been to other physical therapy facilities, none can compare to the knowledgeable and professional PT's here at Troxell. Thank you to both Sherri's, you are the best! "
Aug 01, 2021
"I was scheduled for 6 weeks of PT for my knee pain in the spring of 2021. Sherry and Natalie were extremely helpful and supportive so that I could function again. (I did the home exercises which helped my progress.) I was really impressed with their professionalism and the gym's cleanliness. Everyone helps in one way or another. They know what they're doing and they care about you. Thanks, everyone! I will definitely come back if I get into trouble."
Jul 07, 2021
"I've really enjoyed coming here to PT. I like how professional and friendly the staff is. They are a compassionate group of people. I have many health issues and when I let them know I'm having a really bad day they will ask my thoughts on what can I handle. This is vital for me when I'm dealing with an advocate on my body. They ask and listen. "
Jul 06, 2021
"I was a patient at Troxell Physical Therapy. Their office is very clean and they kept up with the Covid-19 mandates. I was very impressed with the staff. They are all very friendly and knowledgeable. They are patient and work with you. They have various equipment used for physical therapy. I saw improvement in my case; however, you need to keep in mind that it varies from case to case. I definitely will go back when I see that I need to. I do recommend Troxell Physical Therapy, one of the best places in Madera."
Jun 24, 2021
"All the staff members are really nice and considerate. They all act like family and treat their patients like family. I would recommend going to this place for PT. I also do the deep tissue laser therapy and it's great. "
Jun 24, 2021
"The staff at Troxell is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. I recommend Troxell to my family and friends. "
Jun 16, 2021
"I was a client for 9 months due to 2 knee surgeries. During this time Sherry, Julio and Natalie were rockstars. They were very understanding, compassionate and thorough. I'm a union laborer and my job requires a lot of strenuous work, awkward movements and stamina. I'm recovered and heading back to work tomorrow and owe it all to Troxell. Thank you'll and much."
Jun 13, 2021
"Luv the beautiful staff they are so encouraging and considerate motivate down to earth."
May 19, 2021
"Awesome staff. I was treated kindly and professionally. The PT was right on and I left new and improved."
May 13, 2021
"My back pain decreased significantly because of Troxell & Mohr (and his amazing staff). Jared and Ivan were my therapist and exercises coaches. Combined, they provided me the proper exercise tool kit to reduce my rhomboid back pain. They began their treatment by giving me beginner exercises to perform. Once they stabilized and strengthened my rhomboid area, they challenged that region by increasing the intensity of exercises. This alleviated my rhomboid pain tremendously. What helped as well was performing their mandated exercises at home (this is a must btw - you cannot expect to simply do two days of therapy a week and expect rapid results, please make sure to do the work at home folks!). Adding to the fact they worked on my back with massage therapy conflated with STIM patch treatment, I was back to doing computer work with minimal pain. All thanks to Troxell and Mohr (of course). And you cannot forget about Wayne Troxell, the wizard of physical therapy. He understands his trade with mastery, as well as how to train his therapists and friendly staff to help their clients achieve maximum efficacy for alleviating body pain. Five stars all the way!!!"
May 08, 2021
"My time at Troxell Physical therapy was amazing. The place was always clean, the staff members were always friendly and respectful. They never made me do anything I wasn't able to do. If the pain was to intense they had me stop. I totally recommend Troxell Physical to everyone that needs it. "
Apr 27, 2021
"Great people!!!! Very thoughtful of your needs and help with exercises highly recommend!!!!!! "
Mar 24, 2021
"Everyone here was so nice and helpful. I want to thank Sherri, Maria. Linda, Ivan and Josh for all contributing to the small successes I've made through this short process. I felt so comfortable with the staff and I learned so much about how to take care of myself at home. I hope to be back soon! Hands down best service around!"
Mar 17, 2021
"Troxell Physical Therapy is the best. The staff is very friendly and so helpful. They are dedicated in providing the best care for you. I am so grateful to everyone at Troxell Physical therapy. I am able to walk again with no pain. I will definitely recommend Troxell Physical Therapy to anyone who needs it. They are the BEST! "
Mar 12, 2021
"Troxell P.T is a good place to get your body back to being mobile. The staff and their assistant's are very knowledgeable and hands on when taking care of referred patients and they give 110% effort to make sure you are able and capable getting back to a more than normal and mobile lifestyle."
Mar 11, 2021
"I been receiving physical therapy for the past few weeks and when I say I thought I was losing strength to my right hand, I have regained lost strength. All thanks to my physical therapist Maria and the program she had planned out for me. "
Mar 11, 2021
"I have been so greatful for the helpfulness, care and attention I have been given. I really needed this therapy, and it helped me in more ways then I had thought it would. I am so greatful that I am healed yet I am sad that I don't have an excuse to keep attending. The Employees are so kind and have really made me feel like my pain matters, and that my wellness matters. "
Mar 04, 2021
"Not only was the staff professional they made treatment fun, and who doesn't need some of that in their lives these days. Wish I could go just to hang out."
Mar 02, 2021
"I don't know how to start this other than it's an amazing place. Amazing staff who are ready to help you with whatever it is you need. Extremely friendly and kind. The ladies at the front are super helpful and both are bilingual which is amazing! The Physical Therapists push you to do your best without actually hurting you which is great. I went in with pain and left painless. If you're looking for a place that will welcome you and help you to reach the best results then this is the place to go. From the first day all the way to the last, I left with a smile on my face. Again, extremely kind and professional staff. They keep it very clean too."
Feb 25, 2021
"I have received physical therapy at Troxell (and Mohr) for at least three different surgeries: rotator cuff surgery, a knee replacement and a reverse shoulder replacement. Over the past 12 years, Troxell has been my go-to physical therapy destination. They take care of their patients. They are professional. Their anatomical knowledge amazes me. What could be a very painful and dreary recovery from surgery Troxell therapists and associate therapists make enjoyable and fun. They are always upbeat and the music they play, while not always my choice, gets you going. While I have tried to refer friends to Troxell PT, they already know about them."
Feb 23, 2021
"Excellent staff with the highest customer service skills. Outstanding knowledge of the services they provide. Accurate, sensitive, and professional. They made me feel like a family member well taken care of during every session."
Feb 18, 2021
"This place is amazing. I came here for issues with my epidural into my spinal cord during delivery and I'm really hoping my insurance covers me for another month. The staff here are awesome and work well with you and know everything they are discussing with you. Can't say enough about this place."
Feb 11, 2021
"Thank You Troxell PT, Today was my 1st appointment. I was seen by Dr Troxell. I left knowing there is so much hope for my back. With Troxell's experience for strengthening my core without pain & my daily at home exercises. I'm looking forward to the quality of my life improving!"
Dec 17, 2020
"I have been going for awhile now and the staff is great and my therapist Maria is the best she is trying to teach me to walk again and we are doing great. Troxell is the only place for me. "
Dec 14, 2020
"My insurance denied my request for an MRI on my shoulder and sent me to Troxell for physical therapy instead. The staff was friendly, welcoming and very helpful, but the shoulder pain continued. Insurance finally agreed to an MRI to discover that I had a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and bone spurs. After surgery, I went back to Troxell and again, was well received with friendliness and professionalism. The atmosphere is festive with music and great attention to patient's needs. The therapists were thorough, caring and helpful. My shoulder is now on the path to recovery. Thank you Troxell!"
Dec 14, 2020
"I love this place!! I have been here more than once for different injuries and surgeries and always get better. This is the best place with a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Try it, you'll like it!"
Dec 10, 2020
"Love the staff great place and offer support and encouragement."
Dec 08, 2020
"This place is awesome great staff and very helpful. I recommend them to my friends and family. "
Dec 03, 2020
"I really like the staff. And I think I'm gonna a lot of this."
Dec 02, 2020
"I love the friendliness and the atmosphere."
Nov 30, 2020
"They make you feel like you are supported by family by far the best people I've ever encountered."
Nov 30, 2020
"First appointment. Really good. The staff is wonderful."
Nov 30, 2020
"Absolutely outstanding service. I love that each time I came to have therapy everyone was professional and very friendly. Yall helped me get back to normal in record time and I am very appreciative of all you did. Never could I have asked for a better safer environment and professionals to work with. Thank you all for everything."
Nov 11, 2020
"Staff is amazing! Good vibes all the time! Treatment results are 100%!!"
Nov 11, 2020
"Very friendly individuals with great knowledge on one's specific case. Great environment to work in. Scheduling was also a breeze to set up. Overall great experience."
Oct 09, 2020
"I love Troxell Physical Therapy!!! The owner cares for people doing his best to lessen pain and help strengthen their bodies. I believe him to be a very unselfish guy who actually loves people. His employees are very helpful and knowledgeable and kind. I would go there every day if I could."
Sep 04, 2020
"I have been coming for physical therapy here for about a year and with the help and knowledge of these beautiful people, I have always left (maybe not the first visit) feeling better and stronger. The consistency of improvements I have made is a testament to my therapist's ability and skills. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a bit of something "out" or need help getting specific areas of the body stronger. I have had my C4-6 fused and my L4-S1 fused, they have done an amazing job keeping this 40-year-old up and moving. Thanks again. If there was a 6-star option definitely. ALOHA!"
May 07, 2020