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"Very friendly individuals with great knowledge on ones specific case. Great environment to work in. Scheduling was also a breeze to set up. Overall great experience "
Oct 09, 2020
"I love Troxell Physical Therapy!!! The owner cares for people doing his best to lessen pain and help strengthen their bodies. I believe him to be a very unselfish guy who actually loves people. His employees are very helpful and knowledgeable and kind. I would go there everyday if I could. "
Sep 05, 2020
"I have been coming for physical therapy here for about a year and with the help and knowledge of these Beautiful people, I have always left (maybe not the first visit) felling better and stronger. The consistency of improvements I have made are a testament to my therapists ability and skills. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a bit of something "out" or need help getting specific areas of the body stronger. I have had my C4-6 fused and my L4-S1 fused, they have done an amazing job keeping this 40 yr old up and moving. Thanks again. If there was a 6star option definitely. ALOHA!"
May 08, 2020