Paul Strambi grew up in Reedley on a small Family farm. He attended Fresno state and was part of ROTC and the National Guard during college. He graduated with a bachelors degree in history and commissioned as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. He became a platoon leader of combat engineers. He served in the Iraq war and personally lead 256 route clearance (bomb patrol) missions. He was promoted to the rank of captain And concluded his service with first cavalry division in the U.S. Army. After seeing fellow soldiers become injured he wanted to do Something to help people who suffered debilitating injuries, especially fellow veterans. Upon his return to California he took prerequisites for the physical therapist assistant program at COS. He completed the physical therapist assistant course at COS and during one of his internships he worked at Troxell&Mohr and more physical therapy. Troxell&Mohr continues a contract with the VA or Paul was able to work with disabled veterans as well as other patients. Paul enjoyed his internship so much that when he graduated from COS he wanted to work for Troxell&Mohr physical therapy and was hired as a physical therapist assistant. He is very thankful for the support of his fiancé throughout his schooling and his career at Troxell&Mohr plans to get married in October.

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