Maria grew up in Clovis, California. As a child she dreamt of helping people in need. Maria gravitated toward the sciences. She became enthusiastic about the human body and the way the world works. At the age of 14, she started volunteering at hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in our Central Valley. She saw a need to improve the quality of life of the patients she encountered. Due to her experience she was hired on the surgical center for a local hospital. Although she loved her occupation, she knew she could do more for our community. She followed her passion and as a promoter of healing our own bodies, she became a PTA. Also did we mention she’s vegan? Ok, she just wanted to let you all.

“I love to see the satisfaction that a patient gets when accomplishing a task that they weren’t able to do before. It’s a joy to see a patient get better or if they don’t, you know that you’re providing a better quality of life for them. Working in the physical therapy field had maximized this sense of gratitude. I wish to do this until I retire.”

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